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BCC AD is a proud supporter of 'The Emirates Society: Recollections of Abu Dhabi.'

The Emirates Society will be hosting a very special event at the House of Commons on the evening of 29th June with guest speakers offering their recollections of Abu Dhabi in the early years after the Founding of the United Arab Emirates in 1971.

The rise of Abu Dhabi from a small fishing village to a dynamic metropolis in the past 50 years is nothing sort of remarkable. Our guest speakers share their experiences about like in Abu Dhabi during its early years and the rapid growth of this vibrant city. The event is hosted by The Rt Hon David Jones MP in partnership with the UAE APPG and The Emirates Society.

Guest speakers:

  • The Rt Hon David Jones MP, Chair of the UAE APPG & The Emirates Society
  • Sir Harold (Hooky) Walker, former British Ambassador to the UAE
  • David Heard is a historian and author who previously worked many years in the petroleum industry
  • Rawhda Al Otaiba, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of the United Arab Emirates

To attend this event, please RSVP to Laura Roberts by Tuesday, 28th June and further details will be sent to you. Email Laura at secretary@emiratessociety.org

Spaces are limited and registrations will be approved by The Emirates Society, not BCC AD.

Invitation to The Emirates Society: Recollections of Abu Dhabi - 29th June 2022


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