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Members of BCC AD are invited to join Crompton Partners' seminar that will offer valuable insights into the world of real estate in Abu Dhabi. The primary focus is to provide you with knowledge and information to help you make informed decisions. The real estate market moves fast. We'll ensure you know about the latest trends and insights to grow your revenue and secure your future. This event is FREE for all attendees.

When: Wednesday, 8th November 2023

Time: 5:00pm - 7:45pm

Where: Main Hall at The Club, Mina, Abu Dhabi

If you've been considering real estate investment but are still determining its safety, security, or viability, this event is your opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge. Feel free to ask any questions; we're here to provide facts and expert insights.

First session: By Ben Crompton


  • Buying Process: Understand the step-by-step process of real estate purchase.
  • Financial Assessment: Discover how to evaluate the financial viability of your investment.
  • Legal Guidance: Navigate the legal intricacies, potential pitfalls, and safeguards.

Second Session: By Ben Crompton and Thomas John


  • Mortgage Insights: Get a deeper understanding of mortgage options.
  • Off-Plan Projects: Learn how to approach Off-Plan projects sensibly and make smart choices.
  • Q and A

There will be limited seats. Click HERE to register.


  • SA

    Sharon Aili

    Sales Consultant at Crompton Partners Estate Agents LLC

  • BC

    Ben Crompton

    Managing Partner at Crompton Partners Estate Agents LLC

  • TJ

    Thomas John

    Country Manager at Holo


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The Club

The Club
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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